Why I think ‘Axwell feat. Steve Edwards – Watch the sunrise’ is the best Summer anthem in dance music history ! — DJ Leandro

Written by on July 14, 2022

I remember so well when I first heard this track , like it was yesterday . I was searching for new music from my favorite online vinyl store , HTFR (Hard To Find Records) back in the Winter/Spring of 2006 . This was back when CD’s were slowly taking over the DJ world , at this point in time I was shifting over from vinyl to CD but new tracks were still coming out sooner on vinyl than those on digital or CD.

I came across this track by Axwell , at that time one of my favorite house tracks was Axwell’s ‘Feel the vibe’ and was the only track I knew he had done, so I immediately checked out the track . When I heard the 30 second sample I immediately fell in love with it . I must of played this sample at least 10 times , over and over . Imagining myself playing this track at a packed club and visualizing the crowd going absolutely ‘bananas’ when the ‘drop’ would hit .

Once this track soon become more available it was only a matter of time before it became the juggernaut that it was that Summer .And when it did ,i t was THE ‘go-to’ track for that whole summer season that would totally ‘kill’ the dancefloor . By the way I’m talking about the ‘vocal dub’ version .

Fast forward to 15 years later , this track still give me goosebumps every time I hear it . And it got me thinking , and I came to the realization that this track is the ultimate summer anthem . Besides being a top quality jam , there are (what I believe) are some fundamentals as to what truly makes a Summer jam , a Summer jam (In my own opinion of course) and this song hits all the marks .

Allow me to break it down for you and to ascertain my reasoning .

1) Its got a killer guitar riff and melody

2) Steve Edwards’ voice is amazing

3) The lyrics of this track just scream ‘Summer’ . Its about love and watching the sunrise with someone you love . When you hear this track , all you’re doing is visualizing yourself together with your partner watching the sunrise …..what’s not to love about that ?

4) The bassline is heart pounding and sounds epic on a club sound system .

5) Its got cowbells …. ALLOT of cowbells !

6) Arguably one of the best ‘drops’ in any track , EVER !

Do you agree ?

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