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Written by on July 15, 2022


Brand new to Netflix is the Oscar nominated PIECES OF A WOMAN . A ‘heavy’ and harrowing story about a couple who lose their child at childbirth . The lead actress , Vanessa Kirby , is amazing in this film and rightfully deserved an Oscar nod for her part in this film . A great film , albeit its not for everyone.

GODZILLA VS KONG is a brainless action flick and I thoroughly enjoyed . This time around the story isn’t bothered with the humans but with the monsters instead . I enjoyed this flick but to be honest I did prefer the Godzilla sequel .

To be honest im a little ‘over’ the whole Marvel thing , but then I started watching FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER. What a phenomenal series . Its like Jason Bourne meets James Bond meets Captain America. Such great acting , great cast and a great story . This series has brought me back into the MCU . The entire vibe of the ‘Captain America ‘series’ is in my opinion the best when it comes to the MCU. I highly recommend it even if you’re not a fan of the Marvel thing .

Another ‘Artsy-fartsy’ movie is A24’s HIGH LIFE . An absolutely fantastic film , great acting from Robert Pattenson , Juliette Binoche and believe it or not Andre 3000 . A masterpiece of film making using a lot of mature themes . Definitely not for the faint hearted

From the makers of the John Wick franchise comes NOBODY . A balls to the wall action flick , such a great film .

My favorite film from this past month has to be THOROUGHBREDS. Its an artsy-fartsy film which is a slow burn , so it might not be for everyone . But if you want to watch an intense , slow burning and a great acted film , look no further .

Brand new to Netflix this month was STOAWAY . For once Netflix brings a good movie , simple story but made with such heart and feeling . I highly recommend .

I found another hidden gem on Netlfix , LOVE WEDDING REPEAT. Pretty good romantic comedy

In the heart of the sea


Scott Pilgrim vs the world

Deep Impact


This is the end

The Outsider


John Wick 1, 2 & 3

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