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Written by on July 14, 2022


SHADOW AND BONE was such a kick ass series . Amazingly visuals , great story telling and great actors. The first season is building its world of which it reminds me a little of Game of Thrones , I cannot wait to see the next season .

THE SERPENT is a true life series about a couple who terrorized and murdered young back packers across Europe and Asia . The lead actor is creepy and amazing in his role . I highly recommend you peeps to check it out.

I really liked VOYAGERS , its like a sci-fi version of ‘Lord of the flies’ . Another good movie to checkout

I had never heard about this movie or anything about it , all I can say is that I was surprisngly blown away . SHADOW IN THE CLOUDS is a short and sweet film , full of action and a kick ass soundtrack to boot

JUPITERS LEGACY was such a disappointment , its amazing how such an ‘expensive’ show can look so cheap. Bad acting , bad dialogue and no sense of direction . I tried to finish it , but couldn’t get past the 5th episode , just became to cringe for me

I went a lil old skool , back to the 80’s to watch ANGEL HEART . A film I always wanted to see and eventually remembered to check it out . I was not disappointed , what a fantastic film and really hard hitting story , it holds up so well after all these years . Most definitely check it out .

I got so addicted to INK MASTER . Its a competitive reality show , whereby the best tattoo artists compete with each other for the grand prize of $100 000 and the title on Ink Master . Currently watching this on a daily basis and have become rather obssesed with this show . The nice thing is that you can watch all seasons for free from their YouTube channel . I dont have any tattoos nor do I intend on getting one but I simply love this show . Check it out HERE

By far the best animated series around has to be CASTLEVANIA . The fourth and final season just released on Netflix . Its got great dialogue , great twists , some humor and awesome action . Even if you don’t like anime , you should give this a shot

I don’t understand why more people are not talking about WRATH OF MAN . A super slick , simple and kick ass movie on the similar tone of John Wick. This film was made for Jason Statham , and Guy Richie shows he’s got the chops not just for gangster films , but for drama/thriller/action flicks . I haven’t seen such a good movie like this in a long time

Other movies and shows:

The gentleman

Live by night

In the shadow of the moon

Den of Thieves

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