Her choice of singing themes as a singer is based on real life and sociocultural contexts.

Written by on January 16, 2017

Born on August 23, 1943, Mirihana Arachchi’s Nanda Malini Perera was one of the most famous and respected singers and playback singers in Sri Lanka as Nanda Malini. Her choice of singing themes as a singer is based on real life and socio-cultural contexts. Her songs are complex conceptual ideas about relationships, living conditions and emotions that arise from human realities.

Early life

Nanda Malani was born on August 23, 1943, the fourth child of a family of nine in Lewwanduwa, Aluthgama, Sri Lanka. Her father, Vincent Perera, was a skilled tailor and tailor. Her mother, Liyanage Emily Perera, was a housewife. She has four sisters and four brothers. As a teenager she went to Kotahena, Colombo and was admitted to Sri Gunananda College where she studied TN. Under the tutelage of Mrs. Margaret Perera.

She is married to Suneth Gokula and the couple has two daughters – Waruni Saroja and Ama Sarada.


In 1956, she competed in the Poetry Singing Competition at the YMBA in Borella, where she won a gold medal. After winning the Poetry Competition, Radio Ceylon W.D. Amaradeva invited Nanda to participate in a song, in which she sang the song ‘Budu Sadu’ written by Ashoka Colombage and participated in a popular program called ‘Karunaratne Abeysekara’s Children’s Hall’. Danny set the music. In 1963, Amaradeva selected Malini for the background vocals in Ranmuthu Duwa, the first Sinhala color film. In that film, she sang the first song written by Chandraratne Manawasinghe for the film, ‘Galana Gagaki Jeevithe’ sung with Narada Disasekara.

Nanda Malini b. Educated under Victor Perera, he continued his training after becoming famous. She studied at the Heywood Institute of Arts for a year and in 1963 went to the Bhatkhand Music Institute in Lucknow, India. She then returned to the university in 1984 to pursue a Master’s degree with first class excellence.

Best Singer Award The film won all the University Awards for Music that year.

Nanda Malini has sung in many films since then and has won 11 University Awards and 8 Presidential Awards. 1995-98 She won the Most Popular Female Singer award.

Nanda b. Educated under Victor Perera, he continued his training after becoming famous. After 1984, she returned to the university to pursue a master’s degree with distinction in the first department.

Nanda Malini has produced 25 cassettes of Malata Renu, Sadu Nada and Sari Podittak. On September 8, 2007, she unveiled her 16-song CD “Etha Kandu Yaye” at the BMICH Outdoor Theater. Going even further, in 1993 she wrote a CD titled “Kunkuma Pottu” which included songs she sang in Tamil. Another of her CDs is “Andaharaya”.

In 2017, Nanda Malani was awarded the honorary degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Fine Arts by the University of the Visual and Performing Arts. It was the first time an artist was recognized by a university in Sri Lanka.

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