Kurt Baggaley reloads 2013’s Line Of Sight

Written by on August 8, 2022

I have probably listened to over 20,000 tracks during my time at 5 Mag and some of that time I would very much like to have back. But I’ve never gotten the six tone melody of “Line of Sight” out of my mind. The 2013 vinyl release on Stem Records (a record label that now seems to be defunct) was also my first introduction to Kurt Baggaley, an insanely prolific futuristic techno and electro producer who has found the true shape of his career only in the free-flowing format of Bandcamp.

This digital reissue put out by Baggaley himself features the original two tracks and remixes from Legowelt and Steffen Kirchhoff that appeared on the 12″, plus three new “Bombed Out” remixes and an instrumental of that title track. The “Spaced Out” remix of “Line of Sight” is the pick of the new tracks, with steely, shuffling percussion of the sort that Baggaley has on lock from his Scape One tracks and albums over the last few years. Each of the new remixes shine out some of the background fuzz in favor of rhythms scrubbed clean to the color of chrome and white. Baggaley tapped into something both intelligent and primal here — it hits the same reactive receptors as highly effective commercial jingles or movie scenes. If there was a radio station that played tracks like this all day — trippy, dense, like the cocktail music of the dystopia — I would be a steady listener.

Kurt Baggaley: Line of Sight (Bombed Out Mixes) (Stem Records / Digital)
1. Kurt Baggaley: Line of Sight (Bombed Out Mix) (06:07)
2. Kurt Baggaley: Touching Your Mind (Bombed Out Mix) (06:17)
3. Kurt Baggaley: Line of Sight (Spaced Out Mix) (05:18)
4. Kurt Baggaley: Line of Sight (Legowelt Remix) (06:16)
5. Kurt Baggaley: Touching Your Mind (Steffen Kirchhoff’s Perspective) (07:07)
6. Kurt Baggaley: Line of Sight (06:07)
7. Kurt Baggaley: Touching Your Mind (06:17)
8. Kurt Baggaley: Line of Sight (Instrumental) (05:18)

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