Jubilee, DJ Holographic remix House Amazing

Written by on July 13, 2022

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Admittedly I’m late to the party here, as I completely missed the original release of “House Amazing” by Majorettes, issued in 2021. Probably too busy white-knuckling it through yet another wave of COVID restrictions here in the UK… Receiving a promo copy of this remix package sent me back to listen to the OG version on Bandcamp, a moody and percussive chunk of late-night gear, with a tuff, swirly, whirly and sample-tastic rework by the always innovative Lady Blacktronika.

Drum-obsessed New York production crew Majorettes (made up of The Carry Nation and Justin Cudmore) have now revisited the track, with a worthy pair of revisions from Miami DJ / producer Jubilee and Detroit’s DJ Holographic.

Jubilee’s version summons to mind golden era electro and breakbeat vibes with heavy drums and distant warehousey-reverb chords, topped off with a growling bassline and acidic arpeggios. Just a good honest slab of unapologetic dance music that had me smiling ear to ear from start to finish.

DJ Holographic delivers a darker spin on “House Amazing,” with eerie staccato organs, terse, insistent drums and disorienting vocal snippets all adding up to a dense and evocative brew.

Two more different interpretations of the same track you’d be hard pressed to find: both equally imaginative and creative, both absolutely dancefloor-ready. Amazing!

Majorettes: Remixes Vol. 3 House Amazing (Major Records / Digital)
1. Majorettes – House Amazing (Jubilee Remix) (04:07)
2. Majorettes – House Amazing (DJ Holographic Remix) (06:10)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo.





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