Detroit’s Strand returns with the electrifying “Resilience” EP

Written by on July 5, 2022

Do you remember “Zephyr”? One of the best known Detroit techno tracks of the ’90s, “Zephyr” by Strand appeared on a 12″ from Anthony “Shake” Shakir’s Frictional label but reached its widest audience situated between tracks by Stacey Pullen and Claude Young on React Music’s True People: The Detroit Techno Album compilation. That comp was a milestone amidst a lot of cheesy collections meant to capitalize on the first wave of rave crashing into America. It was a lot of people’s first exposure to anything resembling authentic techno from the city that created the blueprint and still does it better than anyone else.

Strand, the band, is still together and Resilience actually represents their third 12″ of 2021. “Dust Off” plunges deep into urban psychedelia. “Paradox” is a stomping techno track riveted with steel hi hats and sticky snares. The vibrating mental electro of “Trupa” gets remixed by DJ Stingray 313 who conjures up a massive percussive storm anchored by the thickest of thick bass beats.

This 12″ dropped all the way back in December but most stores still have it in stock. Each of the 200 copies is apparently a different color from any of the others, Abdul Haqq did the art, there’s no digital and no repress, they swear it.

Strand: Resilience (RWYS Records / 12″ Vinyl / December 2021)
A1. Strand: “Dust Off” (Reel X Real remix) (3:37)
A2. Strand: “Paradox” (5:38)
A3. Strand: “Trupa” (6:06)
B1. Strand: “Paradox” (Shamus Coghlan remix) (6:03)
B2. Strand: “Trupa” (DJ Stingray 313 remix) (5:05)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo.


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