De School in Amsterdam will reopen next month

Written by on August 9, 2022

Amsterdam’s De School to reopen temporarily next month, as Mixmag reports.

De School in Amsterdam will reopen in September after closing in March 2020.

The venue, which will be reopening on September 6, is set to close again in January 2024 — in what De School has called a “16-month long finale.”

The newly refurbished space has been given a brand new layout for its reopening, alongside a change in team policies and house rules — all courtesy of the new director of operations, Erdal Kiran.

The team have also announced an extended daytime events schedule including workshops and education projects — honouring the building’s history as a former school.

The club’s co-owner Jochem Doornbusch had alluded to “debts piling up” in the venue’s official closing statement in 2020, as given to Resident Advisor, and that “the increase of the current COVID-19 numbers and the lack of prospects have forced us to end all the club and office contracts meaning the club will stop existing”.

However, before announcing the club’s closure, De School released a three-hour podcast: ‘Taking Responsibility’ where Jochem Doornbusch spoke with De School programmer Luc and HR manager Lon, moderated by Souhayla Ou-Oumar.

All three were forced to address the venue’s lack of diversity among residents, allegations of racial profiling and exploitative practices from security staff. The club’s management had been accused of failing to act upon accusations and criticisms such as those raised by the Amsterdam community — despite receiving financial support from local authorities.


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