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[ad_1] Music Feeds’ New Aus Music Playlist is updated once a week with our favourite Australian releases from the preceding seven days. This week’s playlist features the sound of Australian hip hop to come aka Mulalo’s ‘Tracy Grimshaw’, Suiix’s psychedelic pop tune ‘All the Time’, which is certain to please Tame Impala fans, some fresh funk-strewn indie […]

[ad_1] Peach PRC has unveiled her second single of the year, looking back at her first heartbreak for ‘Forever Drunk’. The new track follows on from the release of February’s ‘God Is A Freak’, which has become one of the artist’s most popular singles to date. ‘Forever Drunk’ is an unassuming and upbeat pop single from Peach […]

[ad_1] US rockers Weezer have cancelled their upcoming Broadway residency due to “low ticket sales” and “unbelievably high expenses”. The group were scheduled to hold a five-night residency at New York’s Broadway Theatre from 13th September until 18th September. The shows, announced in June alongside the release of their new SZNZ: Summer EP, were to see each […]

[ad_1] The legal team for Bob Dylan have called for penalties to be issued against the lawyers of an unnamed woman who previously accused the singer of historical sexual abuse. The case in question was officially dropped last month, just days after Dylan’s legal team accused the victim of destroying evidence and “irretrievably” damaging the case’s […]

[ad_1] Thelma Plum has officially unveiled her long-awaited new Meanjin EP. Described as a “love letter to her hometown”, the six-track release serves as Plum’s first collection of new material since her 2019 album, Better In Blak. Having teased the new EP over the past few months, it’s been previewed sporadically by way of recent singles ‘Backseat […]

[ad_1] One month after Brian Burton (Danger Mouse) and James Mercer (The Shins) announced they were reviving Broken Bells, the duo has announced the details of a brand new album. Dubbed INTO THE BLUE, the pair’s third studio LP is due to reach our ears on Friday, 7th October. WATCH: Broken Bells – ‘Saturdays’ To toast the big announcement, […]

[ad_1] Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee has sent the entire world an unsolicited dick pic. The career shock rocker uploaded a full blown nude to Instagram earlier tonight, alongside the caption “Oooooppppsss” “Oooooppppsss” why is tommy lee’s dick on his instagram and WHY ARE THE GUIDELINES IGNORING IT — kits austen (@anyasbarbie) August 11, […]

[ad_1] Reels have recently received several upgrades from Instagram, increasing the format’s popularity. Just about all videos will now be uploaded in the Reels style, whether or not people want them to be. Additionally, anyone can use your publicly visible posts (including still photographs) in their own reels unless you prevent it beforehand. If your […]

[ad_1] Remember Something With Numbers? The noughties alt-rock collective from the NSW Central Coast who rose to fame during the Myspace era? They played the Big Day Out, toured with Panic! At The Disco and Good Charlotte and got two songs voted into the triple j Hottest 100? Well, we haven’t heard a peep out […]

[ad_1] Grammy-nominated artist, performer, and songwriter Marcus King has announced a pair of Australian shows for 2023. Touring for Bluesfest, the now 26-year-old musical prodigy will return to our shores in April of next year to perform live in Sydney and Melbourne. He’ll be hitting the Enmore Theatre on Monday, 10th April and the Northcote […]

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