Youth Culture

December 22, 2022

We curate a selection of our favourite commissions, documentaries, music videos, audiovisual works and mixes we presented in 2022. Most people would agree that 2022 was a mess. It was a year spent in permacrisis, with goblin mode thoroughly engaged, a year in which vibes were shifted, culture wars were waged, won, lost and cancelled […]

In an original commission from Trauma Bar und Kino and Fact Magazine, concept artist and 3D designer Hannah Rose Stewart and musician and performance artist Blackhaine present MIASMA, a haunted world of lost souls, abandoned spaces and egregores. An ‘egregore’ can be defined in various ways. An occult concept dating back to the 16th-century Enochian […]

Courting chaos and curiosity through a continent-crossing bounce between dancehall, dub, tarraxo, techno, gqom and drill, this week’s Fact mix is a typically joyous dispatch from Tash LC. “This mix is a real representation of me: a lil chaotic, curious, ambitious, gutsy,” says Tashan Leah Campbell of this week’s Fact mix. “It’s a snapshot of […]

An Trinse sets a swirling soundscape of hypnotic drones, tumbling synthesis and double bass, courtesy of Maxwell Sterling, against stroboscopic fragments of 3D renderings of prehistoric sites, grainy, monochromatic fractals stamped with ancient glyphs and ancient, science fiction schematics. As An Trinse, Northern Irish audiovisual artist Stephen McLaughlin reckons with the cultural history of Ireland […]

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing the lysergic sounds of Spekki Webu, chances are he was sending you into orbit. For his Fact mix, it’s clear we’re already there. With a powerfully psychedelic blend of trance, techno and ambient Dutch DJ and producer Spekki Webu has continually explored the realms of immeasurably deep, […]

Artist Chris Golden seeks to channel the spirit of nature within his digital practice, rendering natural objects within a virtual space and in so doing manifesting what he understands to be their true essence. “It’s about the rebirth of a new reality,” says artist Chris Golden of his new film, Psychic Magic. Working in Unreal […]

Torus embarks on a pilgrimage through sound and harmony, a transcendent commute through ambient music for apoplectic times. One of the most arresting moments from The Flash, the modern classic split record from Torus, the production alias of visual and sound artist Joeri Woudstra, and DJ Lostboi, an alter ego of producer and composer Malibu, […]

Behind the scenes of Mosse’s latest film, now showing at 180 Studios. Richard Mosse’s Broken Sceptre uses a range of scientific imaging technologies to capture environmental crimes in the remotest parts of the Brazilian Amazon. Created in collaboration with artist and cinematographer Trevor Tweeten and composer Ben Frost, the film, now installed at London’s 180 […]

Stock footage and AI techniques combine on Rawle’s sardonic visual for Bjarki’s new single. Bjarki’s ‘I Wish I Was A Model’ is the latest release on Differance, the new label from the Icelandic techno producer and visual artist Thomas Harrington Rawle. The track’s visual is an extension of Rawle’s previous work in his Care More […]

A high-energy trip through international rave sounds old and new from Belizean-American DJ and producer Ariel Zetina. As a resident of Chicago’s famed Smartbar, it makes sense that Ariel Zetina is strongly influenced by the city’s long history of house music. However, since her 2019 EP Organism, Zetina’s music has pushed the style forward by […]

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