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The creation process looks different for every artist, but for the most part, once a song has been released, it’s available for public consumption and critique. Musicians don’t often choose to revisit their material, but they’re also not prone to adhering to traditional guidelines in general. They regularly release unplugged, stripped, or acoustic versions of […]

It’s my favorite time of the year! Thanksgiving and Christmas yes, but also end-of-the-year list season. Whoop whoop! So in my annual attempt to be helpful to those out there who also like lists and may be looking for some suggestions, I present this post. Here are my Top 50+ Album Recommendations from 2022. My […]

If you are looking for something familiar and yet not quite familiar, there is a lot from which to choose in this last batch of classical new releases our reviewers checked out including Leon Botstein (pictured) who uncovers symphonic music by Americans George Frederick Bristow and William Henry Fry. Source link

It’s time for the monthly post detailing what albums and artists I’ve been listening to called What I’ve Heard: November 2022 Edition. This is the last of these posts for the year before locking in my Top 20 Albums of 2022 post in 2-3 weeks! The family took a much needed trip to the mountains […]

The end of 2022 is upon us and we like to use it as a time to reflect on the year gone by. Throughout December we’re going to present the best releases of a few dozen genres and formats. • As the world re-emerged from its pandemic stupor, music roared back in a big way […]

I hate Christmas parties. Well…I used to. Allow me to explain. Once upon a not-too-distant time ago, I was struggling with a Grinch-like heart that was a few sizes too small when it came to the celebration of Christmas. I loathed the yearly conversations about secret Santa, gift exchanges, drawing names, whose house to open […]

We pulled apart the data and created a 50-album ballot of universally highly-rated records based on the volume and scores of the user ratings for albums released this year, and you get up to five votes for the albums that resonated with you most. We’ll tally your votes near the end of the month and […]

I love stuff. I mean, really…if you have any doubt, I can hesitantly admit that I used to have several of the drawers I have for clothing containing cds. Yes, cds. Don’t worry, I put them on binders and now they are in the part of the closet where my hang up clothes should be […]

At first glance, the sheer number of albums that appear on the individual lists that comprise AllMusic Loves 2022 might seem a tad overwhelming. While there is certainly some agreement among our editors, there are also over 250 albums cited on these lists, a number that doesn’t suggest some easy consensus. Our editors did rally […]

It’s been another terrific year of music! These were the songs I kept returning to in 2022. I chose not to include any repeat artists so I could to highlight a wider variety. I’ll link my Top 100 Spotify playlist at the end as well. Enjoy! 1. “Oh Sweetest Name” – John Van Deusen (102 […]

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