Love Songs

2022 was a great year for music. Though it’s hard to say definitively, this might be my favorite of the decade to date. As I look back on the musical offerings I see a wide variety of options for every listening taste, as so many artists revealed the art formed while they were forced from […]

Since I first heard “Bullet” in the early 2000s Mat Kearney is an artist that I’ve always checked in on each time he releases something new. While I haven’t always connected with every album, he has consistently dropped some of my favorite pop songs. Overall, last years January Flower has become one of my families […]

Author and music critic Steven Hyden has written a number of terrific rock books: Your Favorite Band is Killing Me which looks at the rivalries between bands and pop stars, the in-depth look at the death of classic rock Twilight of the Gods, the Radiohead analysis This Isn’t Happening: Radiohead’s “Kid A” and the Beginning […]

These are the records that made me. The ones I’ve returned to again and again over the course of my life. The Top 100 Albums of All-Time. The ones that have soundtracked the various stages and seasons, the highs and lows. Each one represents my musical taste as it evolved from middle school to present […]

As you may have read on AllMusic’s recent post about Devo’s Freedom of Choice, I have assembled a pair of new books just in time for the holiday season of 2022 – A+ Albums: The Stories Behind 50 Rock Classics (Vol. I), 1970-1982 and A+ Albums: The Stories Behind 50 Rock Classics (Vol. II), 1982-2000. […]

It’s time for the monthly post detailing what albums and artists I’ve been listening to called What I’ve Heard: October 2022 Edition. Only one more of these posts for the year before locking in my Top 20 Albums of 2022 albums post in December! The newest from Kings Kaleidoscope takes the top spot for me […]

Since its inception, music has been used as a tool for resistance and political activism. This phenomenon is especially pronounced in the contemporary musicians of Ukraine as they stand in opposition to Russia. Here is a short compilation of just some of the talented Ukrainian musicians that continue to inspire despite insistent threats of cultural […]

Madison Cunningham continues to impress. Her proper debut, 2019’s Who Are You Now, had many in the music industry standing up to take notice. She had me excited about the future of “Christ-haunted music.” That is, music that belongs squarely in the music-as-art category, eschewing the often arbitrary rules of my predominate genre CCM, in […]

Each year around this time, the AllMusic team pulls together some music-related books, records and gadgets that we’ve hand-picked from 2022. From super-deluxe boxed sets and music books to turntables, headphones and recording devices, we’ve selected a number of items to meet the needs of the aurally-fixated. Revolver [Special Edition] – The Beatles From the […]

Andrew Peterson is my kind of unassuming hero. His is a life of quiet, thoughtful, and pastoral observations that have soundtracked entire decades of my life. He has a gentle way in his genius, with his melody and lyrics taking the long route. Truth be told, I’ve been putting off this particular post for months. […]

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