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If you serve Spanish-speaking clients or have bilingual music groups & want to bring some Spanish into your work, then you’re in the right place!  We chatted about ways to with Nathalia Palis, LMFT, MT-BC– a bilingual singer, songwriter, and MT-BC.  Nathalia’s experience as a music therapist and early childhood music educator inspired her to use music […]

Here’s what 5 MTBO Mentors say about growing your business regardless of where you are in the journey: Kana Kamitsubo Markovic says “Keep experiencing the power of music for YOURSELF.” Meredith Hamons says “Having your emotional energy in balance does more for you than trying to manage your time.” Natalie Generally Kirk says “You can do it! Just […]

Imagine getting together with your coworkers for some fun, good food, and creative, meaningful experiences together… Now imagine earning CMTEs at the same time. Fun, memorable, AND productive? Totally possible! We would be honored to help you and your team customize your retreat experience to: Create special team bonding moments you’ll remember forever Make the most […]

How do you feel when we say the word…. recertification? If that word makes you feel a little jittery and stressed, you’re not alone. The process of submitting your 100 continuing education credits to CBMT can seem like daunting task. Good news— it doesn’t have to be! You can recertify with confidence and breeze right through those […]

A sweet song to work on sign language for younger children! These signs are great for helping parents/caregivers communicate more efficiently with their kiddos. Instructions Make sure you have knowledge of all of the signs that you want to use in the song. Download and practice using the handouts with useable signs and lead sheets included below! […]

Does the cost of apps put you off from incorporating tech in your sessions even when you feel it will provide value to your sessions? Well, it shouldn’t! In fact, from an accessibility point of view, introducing free resources in sessions means that clients from less privileged backgrounds can continue to stay creative beyond the sessions. […]

Are your clients and students as into Encanto as mine are? I don’t know about you, but I constantly have “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” stuck in my head! Over the past few months, I’ve found some creative ways to work the wonderful music from this movie into my sessions in a therapeutic way. Here […]

Developing Cultural Competence Through Cultural Consciousness (Part 1) by Nia Imani Williams, Music Therapy Intern As I progressed throughout my music therapy study at Sam Houston State University prior to the start of my internship here at Heart and Harmony, I was driven to examine my own assumptions within my culture. One assumption that I […]

This game is fun for many different settings and can easily be adapted to suit different capabilities! We provide a bracket style tournament game and colorful rhythm flashcards that can be used in groups for a fun challenge or adapted for individual. Instructions Introduce rhythm flash cards and teach reading rhythms as necessary At this time you’ll want […]

The last 18 months have taken a toll on our global community. While we continue to experience both individual and collective moments of shift around to the pandemic – the immediate and lasting benefits of music therapy to support physical and emotional health and well-being remain constant. Here are three reasons to seek the support […]

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