Music Production

Staying in the Creative Flow with Ricky Tinez: Resample, Track, Flip, Repeat Output Dec 22, 2022 Producer Ricky Tinez demonstrates how he uses Arcade to stay in the creative flow via a streamlined workflow for resampling and reimagining sounds. Ricky Tinez is an artist, technologist and educator whose deep house sounds spin on dance floors […]

Get Grammy-winning tips from Young Guru and Anthony Cruz, and learn to dial-in your mixes using UAD plug‑ins. In this episode of UA Live, legendary hip-hop engineers Young Guru (Jay-Z, Kanye West) and Anthony Cruz (DJ Khaled, Ne-Yo) are pitted against each other in a multi-round mixing battle of the track […]

The Minimoog: Re-Create the Synth With VST Plugins Output May 31, 2022 Buying an original Minimoog will burn a hole in your pocket, but snapping up a soundalike plugin won’t. Since 1970, the Minimoog has endured as one of the most iconic hardware synths ever produced. Created by Moog engineer Bill Hemsath, the Minimoog has […]

Learn how the Green Day and Weezer producer crafts killer rock with Apollo, OX Amp Top Box, LUNA, and UAD plug-ins. In this episode of UA Live, Grammy-winning producer, engineer, songwriter, and solo artist Butch Walker shows you how he creates banging rock tracks using Apollo interfaces, OX Amp Top […]

Talkback: Richie Souf Output Jun 09, 2022 Atlanta-based hip-hop producer Richie Souf talks about learning from Future, the importance of community in music, and the art of repetition. Talkback is an interview series from Output, focusing on the workflows and studio techniques used by musicians in their craft. Up next: Hip-hop producer Richie Souf explains how […]

Use these strategies to get vocal recordings that sound pro. A great lead vocal will make your recordings stand out on streaming platforms, radio, and social media. But it can be difficult to spotlight a poorly-recorded vocal in a crowded mix. In this article, learn essential techniques for recording vocals and how to use UAD […]

6 Artists on What It Means to Be Queer in Dance Music in 2022 Output Jun 29, 2022 We spoke to a handful of DJs representing a variety of sexualities, gender expressions, and sonic styles about what it means to be queer in the dance music scene in 2022. What does it mean to be […]

A guide to UAD plug–ins you should own in 2022. The UAD library features over 200 plug-ins, ranging from simple preamps and guitar effects to multi-knob EQs, channel strips, and mastering processors. It’s a lot to sift through. But if you want to narrow down your options, you’ve arrived at the right place. Whether you’re […]

Output Afterhours: Tyler Etters, Senior Web Engineer Output Jun 30, 2022 Get a look behind the sounds at Output. On deck: Tyler Etters, a lifelong music creator and programmer who has always explored ways to intermingle the two disciplines. Meet our crew! Output has some impressive individuals in its ranks — from industry influencers to […]

Learn how Ariel Rechtshaid crafts chart-topping hits. In this episode of UA Live, Grammy-winning producer/songwriter Ariel Rechtshaid (Vampire Weekend, Adele) shows you how he uses LUNA Recording System, the Moog Minimoog UAD Instrument, and good old-fashioned arrangement know-how to record modern classics. [17:19] Get Harmonic Saturation with the Moog Minimoog Learn why Rechtshaid relies on […]

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