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It’s truly remarkable to see someone making such amazing music while in the midst of a great life adventure but that’s what Goth Babe is. Griff Washburn, adventure enthusiast by day is a magnificent singer/songwriter by night. Living out of his RV, the Memphis native is a one-man music tour all by himself. Recording tracks […]

Lauren Corrigan – “Me first”-There’s a calming sentiment to this song that won me over right away. The way the vocal nestles into the mix is delightfully satisfying. Corrigan has a subtle yet evocative style about the way that she writes. The layered vocals on the bridge are so good also. It’s nice that the […]

After a great summer of music, we get to review a great cap of a fruitful season for the genre of the unique. The indie band Leisure has illuminated the vibe on their latest offering titled “Flipside”.  This song is a sweet kiss of the suave, a slip and groove record with a vibe to […]

Vérité – “I Don’t Want You to Come Home for Christmas” We have always loved this artist. You can imagine our excitement when we heard she had holiday originals. This one is a lovely acoustic ballad, made perfect with vocals that are as smooth as they are sardonic. We […]

Every good album tells a story. The latest greatest from the Heartless Bastards A Beautiful Life is a life-sized fairy tale. The group is a brainchild of the brilliant composer Erika Wennerstrom. The original nucleus of the band was Wennerstrom and drummer David Colvin. Since forming in Cincinnati back in 2003, Erika has been the […]

J.R. Rund – “Chameleon”-This song will steal your heart if you just stop what you’re doing and listen. Rund sings with that poet’s sincerity that’s sure to capture your mind. The duo vocal makes for a sweet texture that makes the lyrics a little bit more meaningful. If you’re the kind of person who loves […]

There’s nothing like the smell of good RnB, a smooth flex in the middle of the night with a heartthrob for a beat. Los Angeles indie artist Cassie Marin is a wild card but this time she hits the vibe right in the pocket. Her new single “Busy Body” is almost a throwback in terms […]

Bridget Rian – “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” After being unable to meet with her family during the COVID holiday season, Rian recorded this classic. Her ability to dip into the melancholy, while still presenting a fresh take, is a testament to her talent. The guitar part in the middle is especially classic and welcomed. […]

Aptly named and in your face Kyle Dion’s sophomore album delivers the grooves of SUGA with twice the assertiveness Now I’m no music snob, but I’ve always had a thing for funk as a genre, along with its cousins: rap and R&B. Kyle Dion is one of those artists whose name I’d hear and think […]

Pat Byrne – “Feels like living”-I’ve been a fan of good narrative folk music for just about as long as I remember. This Pat Byrne song feels like it’s written in the longstanding tradition of storytellers. It’s worthy of a comparison with Kristofferson because of how relatable it is. […]

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