5 Tips for Growth from MTBOs

Written by on December 22, 2022

Here’s what 5 MTBO Mentors say about growing your business regardless of where you are in the journey:

  1. Kana Kamitsubo Markovic says “Keep experiencing the power of music for YOURSELF.”
  2. Meredith Hamons says “Having your emotional energy in balance does more for you than trying to manage your time.”
  3. Natalie Generally Kirk says “You can do it! Just be patient & believe in yourself, and it happens over time.”
  4. Noel Anderson says “Get a mentor. We don’t know everything… You’re going to learn so much faster if [a mentor] can give you guidance along the way.”
  5. Miya Adout says “Write down all the reasons you think this could work…. build a support team around you that’s going to share in that vision of why it’s going to work.”

Which tip is speaking to you right NOW? Where are you and where do you want to be? Listen in to their wisdom, and let us know in a comment.👇👇

5 MT Business Owner Tips for Growth

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