Justin Bieber Says H&M’s Bieber Collection Wasn’t Authorized

Written by on December 21, 2022

Justin Bieber H&M

Photo Credit: Justin Bieber Instagram

Justin Bieber has criticized the H&M collection that features his face on Instagram.

The singer took to Instagram Stories to express his disappointment with the merch collection. “I didn’t approve any of the merch collection that they put up at H&M all without my permission or approval,” the post reads. “SMH I wouldn’t buy it if I were you. The H&M merch they made of me is trash, and I didn’t approve it. Don’t buy it.”

Following the post on Instagram, H&M reached out to news outlets to clarify the company’s position.

“As with all other licensed products and partnerships, H&M followed proper approval procedures,” the spokesperson told CNN. Justin Bieber has worked with fashion outlets before to create merch collections for fans. In 2016 he worked with Forever 21 on the ‘Justin Forever’ fashion line, which was tied to his Purpose concert tour at the time. 

The H&M merchandise collection features a short sweatshirt dress with a black and white picture of the singer emblazoned on it. Another piece in the collection is a bright pink hoodie with the words “I miss you more than life.” That’s a lyric from Bieber’s hit song, “Ghost.”

Following the news that Justin Bieber didn’t officially endorse the merch, many fans said they were canceling their orders. “One the one hand I understand it, it’s his image and he didn’t approve it, but on the other hand, there are many who want to have Justin’s merchandise, or anything related to him, but they don’t have enough money to buy official merchandise,” one fan writes underneath the post criticizing the H&M merch. 

Justin Bieber released official merchandise for his Justice World Your, but the event was canceled. Bieber was recently diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt syndrome, a rare condition that can cause facial paralysis and other debilitating symptoms. Bieber also has his own clothing brand called Drew House which he launched in 2018 alongside creative director Ryan Good. 


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