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Before we jump in

With a friend’s 40th birthday coming up, I thought it was a good opportunity to do an updated 2022 review the popular DJ record pool, BPM Supreme.

If you do decide to sign up, we’ve got an exclusive affiliate offer for our readers – so don’t forget to use coupon code ‘DJREVREVIEW’ to get 25% off your first month!

Important note: In October 2022 BPM Supreme officially re-branded under the umbrella of ‘BPM Music‘. This came with a completely new look to the website, and we’ve updated this post accordingly.

As users still have the option to change back to ”Classic Mode”, we’ve included the walkthrough videos for BOTH interfaces at the end.

This review assumes you already know what a DJ record pool is, and how they work, etc. If you want this explained click here.

BPM Supreme overview

BPM Supreme screenshot (not logged in)
BPM Supreme falls under the umbrella brand of BPM Music

BPM Supreme is surely the most well-known and most used record pool on the market. As you’d expect from one of the market-leading DJ pools, their library is updated daily with the latest promotional tracks from the various record labels they partner with, which is over 100, and they have tons of exclusive remixes, edits and other versions that can’t be found anywhere else.

Due to their broad music library, which spans from the 70s through to today, BPM Supreme is best suited to open-format DJs such as commercial club DJs and special event DJs. And whilst they don’t specialize in underground & electronic music they still perform quite well in this area, which I’ll touch on more in the conclusion.

How much does it cost?

Both of BPM Supreme’s plans offer unlimited downloads. For perspective, some of the leading competitors charge upwards of $50 USD per month for full feature access, and for unlimited downloads.

Standard plan: $19.99 US per month ($9.99 for the first month).

Premium plan: $29.99 US per month ($9.99 for the first month).

Note: Use promo code ‘DJREVREVIEW’ to get an additional 25% off your first month on any plan.

Features included: Standard $19.99 p/m Premium $29.99 p/m
Unlimited Downloads YES YES
Track Preview YES YES
Waveform Player YES YES
Day/Night Mode (classic mode) YES YES
Mobile App YES YES
Version Selection YES YES
Crate Downloads YES YES
Playlists NO YES
Cloud Rescue NO YES
HQ Audio Streaming NO YES
Access Download History NO YES

Key umbrella categories

BPM Originals Exclusives Hip Hop / R&B
Dance Music Remixes Pop / Mainstream
Country Rock / Alternative Reggae / Dancehall
80s & Back 90’s 00’s

Music genres (A-Z)

As they’re based in the U.S., you can see the various American holiday categories…

4th of July Afrobeat Alternative Christmas Cinco de Mayo
Country Dance Dance Pop Dancehall Deep House
Disco Drum & Bass Dubstep Electro House Electronica
Freestyle Funk Future Bass Future House Grime
Halloween Hardcore Hardstyle Hip Hop House
Jersey Club Latin Pop Moombahton New Year’s Eve Nu Disco
Nu R&B Nu Wave Pop Progressive House R&B
Reggae Remix Rock Soca St. Patrick’s Day
Tech House Techno Thanksgiving Trance Trap
Tropical House Twerk Valentine’s Day

Song Versions

Clean Dirty Instrumental Acapella

Edit Types

Quick Hit Short Edit Extended Radio Edit

BPM Supreme review (a deeper dive)

BPM Supreme interface snip

First impressions

The website looks great, with an intuitive user interface and simple navigation menus. The key menu items on the main navigation (located on the left side of the interface) are New Releases, Trending, Genres, Exclusive Playlists, Curated Sets, Favorites, My Playlists and My Crate.

As far as music files go, they carry high-quality MP3 files (320kbs) which can be easily exported to the leading DJ software applications such as Serato, Rekordbox, Traktor and Virtual DJ. There are no FLAC or WAV files unfortunately, although that’s pretty standard for most DJ pools.

I’ve got no complaints with regards to the overall downloading experience and general navigation. Whilst there is quite a bit going on, everything is mostly where you’d expect (or want) it to be. When playing a track, the ‘track preview player’ at the bottom of the screen is intuitive and works well.

Searching by genre (how to filter)

If you click into ‘Genres’ (this is the best way to do a broader search of the database), the orange filtering toggle will appear in the top-right of the screen. This allows you to filter your search in granular detail – either by version, BPM, key or sub-genre based on which genre you’re in.

screen grab of the orange toggle in genres


The ‘Trending’ tab is great if you want to get a quick overview of what tracks are trending; either for that day, week or month.

In the top right if the screen, the drop-down menu then allows you to filter by the key umbrella categories for the site (listed in the chart earlier) – so BPM Originals, Exclusives, Hip Hop/R&B, Dance Music, Remixes, Pop and so on.

trending (screen grab image)

Curated Sets

Also on the main navigation, the ‘Curated Sets’ are professionally created (shorter) set lists. These are broken down into 5 different categories: Turntablist, Nightclub, Radio, Producer/DJ, and Mobile. Again, these are selected by dropping down the toggle menu on the right-hand side.

Obviously you wouldn’t replicate these exactly at a party, although similar to the trends tabs, they’re another great way to get inspiration based on all sorts of different moods and genre-sets.

curated sets (screen grab image)


The ‘Exclusive Playlists’ section I really like. This would be a massive time-saver for any special event DJ …and for wedding DJs, etc. In addition to special event lists, here you’ll also find categories including ‘Fresh Releases’, ‘Popular Music’, ‘Club Hit’s’, ‘Open-format’, and more.

Note: playlists are only accessible with a premium subscription.

Exclusive playlists (screen grab image)

Mobile app

If you’re likely to use the service a lot when traveling, you won’t be disappointed with their market-leading mobile app (just bear in mind your feature access might vary depending on your subscription level).

In short, the user experience is excellent, and it’s easy to create playlists on the go and put tracks into crates for a later download. You can also keep up-to-date with the latest DJ/producer and music news associated with the platform if that’s your thing.

The 2.0 update in October 2022 brought additional functionality such as recommendations and new music notifications.

What’s BPM Latino and BPM Crate?

BPM Latino comes under the umbrella of BPM Music. It’s basically a one-stop shop for the latest DJ-ready Latin music. Unless you play to Latino audiences regularly, it’s not something you need to worry about, and you would need a separate subscription to download.

They also have a separate sample pack website for music producers called BPM Create, which you’d need to buy credits for.

When you log in to your main account with your BPM ID (this is once you’ve been approved, details below), you can access all 3 websites and browse around as much as you want without downloading.


From a music perspective, BPM Supreme has everything any mobile or special event DJ would ever need. The library is huge!

As I touched on earlier, whilst they DON’T specialize in underground/electronic music (and it’s definitely not a one-stop shop if that’s all you’re looking for), they DO have their bases covered in this area.

When I searched for a bunch of new-ish electronic tracks I’d ‘’Shazamed’’ in recent months they had it about 30% of the time – which isn’t bad for a non-specialist. They also had a handful of tracks that were doing the rounds in the Beatport charts as well.

In conclusion …as an all-rounder record pool to support your needs as an open-format DJ or a relevant music industry professional, BPM Supreme is undoubtedly one of the best options on the market. It’s competitively priced, and the user experience is overall very good!

Which plan should I go for?

Whilst you still get unlimited downloads on the standard plan, you wouldn’t get access to ‘playlists’ or your download history, which is definitely desirable if you’re using the platform regularly.

Put it this way, if I was gigging once a month or more (or just doing a shitload of music curation), I’d definitely get premium for the extra $10 bucks a month! On the other hand, premium certainly isn’t a necessity, and the restricted features on the standard plan ($19.99 a month) are all non-essential.

How to sign up (+ discount code!)

Once you sign up and get approved – this typically takes 72 business hours at the most – you’ll receive your “BPM ID”. This gives you access to the interface where you can preview tracks etc before actually subscribing (no downloading, obviously).

At that point, simply enter your payment information to get full access and download freely from the platform!

Visit their website here and use our exclusive promo code ‘DJREVREVIEW’ to get 25% off your first month on any plan. These setup/walkthrough videos are great to familiarize yourself with the interface…

New platform (default view):

Walkthrough video for ”Classic Mode”:


Is BPM Supreme worth it?

Both plans on BPM Supreme offer unlimited downloads’, either $19.99 for standard or $29.99 for premium, which is great value if you ask us – especially considering some of the leading competitors charge over $50. At $9.99 for your first month, it’s also one of the cheapest to get started.

Does BPM Supreme have all music?

BPM Supreme carries tracks spanning from the 70s through to today, which is great for open-format DJs such as mobile and wedding DJs, etc. Their library is updated daily with the latest promotional tracks that can’t be found anywhere else, and they also have a decent electronic catalogue.

Do you get unlimited downloads with BPM Supreme?

You get unlimited downloads regardless of which plan you choose (standard or premium). However, some of the features are restricted with the standard plan, such as access to playlists and your download history, for example.

Do you have to be a DJ to use BPM Supreme?

This is how they define it on their website: ‘’Users must be qualified agents in the music industry, specifically working DJs, remixers, producers, artists, or another title fitting of what we define as agents in our industry’’.

How can I get a BPM Supreme promo code?

If you’re looking for a legit BPM Supreme coupon code with no expiry, use our exclusive code: ‘DJREVREVIEW’. This gives you 25% off your first month on any plan!

Affiliate Disclosure: BPM Supreme is one of our trusted affiliate partners. We only partner with products & services that we 100% trust and believe in, and in this case have used ourselves!

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