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Written by on December 20, 2022

Charlie Bishop – “If time was a river”
-The calm acoustic energy of this track is absolutely cathartic. The lyrics contain an aspect of nostalgia to them, urging the listener to reflect on the passage of time. There’s a calming style to the acoustic guitar and even the lead vocal tone. The soulful, relaxed overall mood of the track is sure to find a lot of support from long time folk fans. When the electric guitar solo enters the track, it feels almost like a soloist’s voice. This is a delightful, reflective song that’s going to be satisfying for anyone who appreciates taking a moment for some nostalgic reflection.

Caleb J. Murphy – “Home goes with you”
-This is an incredible piece of songwriting. The layers create impressive texture. The lyrical sentiment is seemingly simple; the person the song is about is “home” for the lead character. Yet, something about the composition style makes the track feel like it’s so much more than a simple message. It captures the sweetness and comfortability of “home” with someone. There’s a chamber folk aspect to the orchestral elements to the song, with the clarinets bringing a particularly peaceful bit of energy to the composition. It’s a must listen song for fans of folk music for sure.

Sidney Bos – “Fragile leaves”
-Everything about this track is just right. The peaceful acoustic guitar is the main feature of the song, but the understated vocal is also quite impressive. What makes this track stand out from the crowd, though, is definitely the colorful chord changes and intricate melody. It’s got to be one of the most complex folk songs we’ve heard in all of 2022. I can’t help but make the comparison to Adam Melchor’s remarkable songwriting as well. There’s a captivating melodic structure here that challenges the listener to lean in and listen closely. I’ve never heard a song quite like this and hope everyone gets a chance to enjoy it.

Image courtesy: Caleb J. Murphy IG

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