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Written by on December 20, 2022

“Autumn Song” 

Leaves of brown, they fall to the ground 

And it’s here, over there, leaves around 

Shut the door, dim the lights and relax… 

~Van Morrison 

I noticed it first a couple of weeks ago.  The very tips of the leaves on some of the trees in our neighborhood were starting to show signs of changes. Now it’s fairly evident, and some leaves are starting to gather on the lawn. The trees are still mostly green, but I know it’s coming and it got me thinking. All those trees (deciduous ones, at least) have done the growing and energy producing they’re going to do for the year, and it’s time for them to shed their leaves and rest for the winter.  Their ‘letting go’ has begun.


The Earth’s seasonal cycles remind us that there is an ebb and flow to life.  A time for planting, a time for reaping, a time for resting, and enjoying what has been done.  Some people see Fall as the gradual decline into the death of winter, and some days I would agree with them. (We all have those days!) But mostly I view Fall as the deliberate preparation for Winter’s rest. Many plants and trees experience changes and go dormant during the cold months.  They don’t die, they’re just sleeping.

So think about it. I’d venture a guess that most of you reading this don’t just fall into bed at the end of your day fully clothed, shoes on, teeth unbrushed, etc. and go immediately to sleep. No, we prepare for bedtime! Maybe you have a routine involving meditation, light yoga, reading a book, or taking a warm bath.  At the very least it involves changing into pajamas.  Regardless of the specifics, there is a routine that signals your body and mind that it’s time for sleeping. Nature does the same thing.

Part of nature’s Fall routine is shedding and letting go of all those leaves. (Thank goodness we get a beautiful color display or else all that raking would be a real chore!) So as we enter Fall and our own personal preparations for Winter, think about what you might need to shed as you get ready for a season of rest. Old habits? Dysfunctional relationships? Unproductive thought patterns? What doesn’t serve you anymore? And what needs letting go? Or what needs to be raked together, bagged up, and left at the curb for trash disposal? What changes do you need/want to make? What are you shedding this Fall???

If you’re curious about how music therapy and GIM can help, contact me for more information.  I’m always happy to answer questions! You can also check out my video here for info about changing seasons.

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