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Written by on December 20, 2022

Andrew Peterson is my kind of unassuming hero. His is a life of quiet, thoughtful, and pastoral observations that have soundtracked entire decades of my life. He has a gentle way in his genius, with his melody and lyrics taking the long route. Truth be told, I’ve been putting off this particular post for months. Not because I wasn’t excited about it, and not because I didn’t want to post it. It was simply a self-imposed fear that I would get it wrong. That I just needed more time to make sure. I didn’t want to leave out a tune I hadn’t fully appreciated to this point. This trepidation of course is silly…we all like different songs for different reasons, and my Top 20 is allowed to change over time. Well, at the time of this writing I’m sitting in a hotel in Tennessee surrounded by mountains that I love, inspired and enlivened by the chilly weather. I’m next to a lit Christmas tree, with a cup of coffee nearby, so there’s no better time than now to post this likely-to-evolve list.

Ultimately, these are the type of songs that slowly work their way through your mind before comfortingly settling in your heart. Once there, they are rooted deep, and for me, have produced a strength to my faith that has helped weather many storms. Andrew posed a question in his 5 Star album Light for the Lost Boy, with the song “Don’t You Want to Thank Someone,” and my answer is yes. Thank you God for Andrew Peterson, and thank you Andrew for sharing His heart by way of yours. We are comforted by the comfort you’ve received, stronger for your struggle, and richer from the journey.

Whew. I’m not crying, you’re crying. Anyway, that being said these are my Top 20 Andrew Peterson Songs…for now.

20. “Dancing in the Minefields”Counting Stars (2010)

19. “The Far Country” The Far Country (2005)

18. “Rest Easy”Light for the Lost Boy (2012)

17. “The Magic Hour”Counting Stars (2010)

16. “All Things Together”Resurrection Letters Vol 1 (2018)

15. “All the Way Home”Carried Along (2000)

14. “Remember Me”Resurrection Letters Vol 1 (2018)

13. “Shine Your Light on Me”Light for the Lost Boy (2012)

12. “Faith to Be Strong” Carried Along (2000)

11. “Rise Up” Resurrection Letters Vol 1 (2018)

10. “Come Back Soon”Light for the Lost Boy (2012)

9. “Be Kind to Yourself”The Burning Edge of Dawn (2015)

8. “Nothing to Say”Carried Along (2000)

7. “Is He Worthy?”Resurrection Letters Vol. 1 (2018)

6. “Last Words (Tenebrae)”Resurrection Letters: Prologue (2018)

5. “Well Done, Good and Faithful”Resurrection Letters: Prologue (2018)

4. “The Rain Keeps Falling”The Burning Edge of Dawn (2015)

3. “Heartbeats”Resurrection Letters Vol. 1 (2018)

2. “The Chasing Song”Carried Along (2000)

1. “Don’t You Want to Thank Someone” Light For The Lost Boy (2012)

What about you? What are your favorite Andrew Peterson songs?

Listen along:

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