Johnny Depp reprises Jack Sparrow in video for terminally ill fan

Written by on December 19, 2022

Johnny Depp has reprised the character of Jack Sparrow in a video for a terminally ill fan.

In a video message recorded for an 11-year-old boy as part of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Depp played Sparrow navigating modern technology and showing off his “savvy”.

Shared on the Kraken The Box YouTube channel, run by a young fan going by “Captain Kori”, the video was made for the boy who is currently in palliative care after multiple heart surgeries.

“So, Capt. Kori, terribly sorry I missed out on this,” Depp-as-Sparrow began. “Meant to say it, forgot to say it, didn’t say it, gonna say it now.

“Saying it, I’ll say it. I hear tell of something they speak about in the ages of now called the YouTube channel, which I don’t understand, but why not?”

Later in the video, Depp promises to promote Kori’s channel that “will make for a wonderful entertainment expertise momentary lapse of togetherness altogether in one space, but far apart, but then, at the same time, very close. Curious, enduring, and strange.”

Meanwhile, Quentin Tarantino recently revealed he resisted studio wishes to cast Johnny Depp in Pulp Fiction.

The director said that when he forward his names for certain roles, the studio questioned why he wanted Tim Roth over Depp, and would not offer Roth the role until others had turned it down.

In response, Tarantino asked them: “‘Do you think Johnny Depp playing the role of Pumpkin in this movie, which is the opening scene and the closing scene that’s it, do you think that will add that much to the box office?’”

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